Wool insulates, even when wet

Hand wash or wool program

We’re all about convenience, but it’s really not a good idea to just wash your wool items in the washing machine. Fortunately, you don’t have to wash your wool socks often, so a hand wash in due course is not the biggest task. Use cold or lukewarm water, never hot! If you’ve really made a mess, lukewarm water is allowed. A special wool program in the washing machine may also be used. Always wash your wool socks with a special agent for wool washing and instead of rubbing it in, it is better to knead or squeeze. Wool lasts a long time, but rubbing causes the fibers to break and therefore the fabric ages much faster. Then rinse with cold water until the detergent is out. Do not soak the wool for more than 5 minutes.

Wool Washing

Don't wring it out!!!

The best way to dry your wool socks is to twist them in a towel and roll them gently. Wringing it out is a very bad idea, of course, because that will take the shape out of your wool clothing. Also, don’t just haphazardly put away in a “form” to dry, but lay out neatly on a towel or clean surface. Direct sunlight while drying is again not a good idea, but once you go through these steps, your wool socks will be completely clean and like new again!