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We only send out a newsletter when we actually have something to report. To be honest, we are way too busy in the winter shipping all the orders to start spamming you too! This is what we send out annually in newsletters:

  1. At the beginning of fall, when we would like to invite you to check out our new collection, along with a very interesting discount
  2. In early November, when we have new items back in and announce our annual “Black Sheep Friday”
  3. Before the holidays, when we want to give you an extra treat with our Christmas promotion
  4. In the spring, when we have once again added new items to our assortment and yep…. with a nice discount code in the newsletter
  5. At the end of spring, when we sweep through our inventory and announce our annual sale
  6. One we keep variable because we cannot predict everything in advance 🙂

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We have been around for almost 10 years now, and one thing becomes very clear when we look at our order history….

Most of you – about 90% of all our customers – keep coming back! Annually, but many of you even a few times a year!!! We love that and we want to reward that extra. Among other things, we do this with:

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  2. Extra discount codes ín the newsletter, for your next order
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