Hello all,

Normally around this time you would see a lot of wool news for spring coming by, but to be honest … I don’t feel like doing that at all for a while. Let’s just talk about more important things, like-what the hell is he doing there!

Every time I am amazed at the talent people have for inflicting misery and sorrow on each other – and on nature. And the warped motivation for it! Nobody in Ukraine and Russia wants war, only Mr. Putin and his coterie of followers and their power games. And at the same time, Biden and his friends are also rubbing their hands together, because this doesn’t suit America and NATO at all. And who will be the victims? The poor Ukrainian people and ordinary Russian citizens, who are being fooled with one-sided propaganda.

And what do we do here in the West? First we keep the Ukraine sausage with EU and NATO invitations and now we are abandoning them! These people are yet another victim of the power games played by large countries such as Russia, America and China. I think it’s terrible!!!

I am originally from Kyrgyzstan, lived with my family in Russia for a long time and have been here for more than 20 years, but I am really ashamed of what is happening. I am ashamed of Putin, I am ashamed of the image of Russia and ordinary Russians, and I am ashamed of my own powerlessness.

We have, of course, had a lot of contact with my family there in the last few days. I have an aunt in Moscow and my mother, brother and his family live 4 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. A few nights ago, they sent videos of projectiles flying overhead. I am not worried about their safety, but when I hear how little they know there about what is really going on and that they actually believe the propaganda, it makes me very sad.

The same goes for all the people in the workshops where our beautiful goodies are made. No one there knows what the future holds now and no one wants war there. And actually, I’m also kind of worried about how we’re going to get our stuff here later. Although that is actually of no consequence at this point.

Our thoughts go out to all the people who are now victims of Putin’s aggression, and I hope with all my heart that I can just shamelessly fill my next newsletter with beautiful wool stuff again.



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