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Russian Socks, naturally warm all year round!

Russian Socks is 10 years old!

We beginnen aan ons 10de jaar met een kompleet nieuwe website, een enorme berg nieuwe wollen spulletjes en heel, heel veel enthousiasme! En we zijn heel blij je op onze nieuwe site te mogen verwelkomen.

Toen we in het najaar van 2013 voor het eerst “live” gingen met onze eerste kleine webwinkel en een heel bescheiden assortiment hadden we geen idee dat Russian Socks tien jaar later zo zou zijn gegroeid.

Ondertussen verkopen we onze ambachtelijke wollen producten in heel Europa en soms zelfs daarbuiten en aan de reviews te zien, maken we een heleboel mensen blij!

Why our customers keep coming back

We have been around for almost 10 years now and every year new customers manage to find our online store. We love that, of course, because it means we are doing something right somewhere. What makes us extra happy is that most of our customers keep coming back year after year, often through a review.
or a personal message letting them know that they are very happy with Russian Socks. We put a lot of effort into that.

We offer an annually growing selection of wool indulgences for men, women and children, and we choose only honest quality. Even though it has been difficult to get everything here in recent years. We try to make looking, choosing and shopping on our site as fun and simple as possible and we are always here for you, if you have any questions. We’ll make sure you get your order in quickly, and should anything ever go wrong, we’re here for you.

Plenty of choice

Russian Socks has built up a very wide assortment over the past 9 years. You will always find something that fits you perfectly!

Fast shipping

We never make you wait long! At Russian Socks, you can count on fast shipping and clear communication about your order!

Customer Service

We are always there for you! Feel free to read our customers’ reviews and convince yourself of how seriously we take customer service!

Natural materials

Wool is a natural product and our wool stuff is still made in an old-fashioned, artisanal way.

A super soft surprise