About Russian Socks

Hello and welcome to my online store Russian Socks!

May I introduce myself? My name is Anzhela and I am from Kyrgyzstan. Together with my husband Ward, I have built our web store for Russian wool socks over the past eight years. I say Russian wool socks, but as you’ve probably already seen, by now we do much more than wool socks. But then again, you have to give the animal a name, after all. And my husband says I should call out Russian wool socks often, because that, in turn, is good for our findability in Google! 🙂

Greetings and love, Anzhela

Russian Socks - Natural wool products made by artisans.
Russian Socks - Straight from the studio

Straight from the workshop….

Craft workOne thing led to another and Russian Socks is the result! My family, brother, mom and babushka, already had a small clothing store in Russia and they help me…
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Russian Socks - Russian socks were not used until late.

Russian socks were used late

PortyankiPeople in Russia used to not know socks, but they wrapped their feet in bandages. These were cloths called Portyanki. They were made of wool or cotton, depending on the…
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